Adventure 4 You Adventure 4 You eng Fri, 19 Jul 2019 06:19:00 +0200 Adventure 4 You 122 120 <![CDATA[ The story of Desartica ]]> Directly from both sides of travel   Our history is written by each of us, using our own skills, abilities and passion. So it happens that an African lover - absolutely in love with desert and adventure trips  - finds a new identity, and chooses to turn his dream into his job. This is the story of Eugenio Paschetta, founder and CEO of Desartica Tour Operator.   Eugenio Paschetta hangs out at desert, rocks, boundless landscapes of the African continent since the last century, and he's well aware that all those feelings of freedom cannot be proved  everywhere. Eugenio chose first to share these emotions with a small group of friends, then decided to add some feautures. An association needed to be set. But soon, the close relationship between the African dreamer and the business man becomes wider, and Eugenio becomes Tour operator, expanding itineraries from African deserts to Asia. 'Desartica' has been founded.   Why should we choose Desartica for our exotic destinations' trips?   "Desartica's added value - says Paschetta – stands for passion in doing our job and in how much effort we make to let people discover destinations far from the classic ones. We want the people to discover unusual and dreaming places around the world, offering quality services, more guarantees for the trip's success. For this reason, we are used to confirm the departures even with few participants, and not just because staying at home would be a great disappointment, but  because we are very competitive in cost indeed. For those organizing highly professional trips like Desartica, relationships with suppliers, local correspondents and the services' purchase are a Must.   Why does Desartica organize trips both for its clients and also for others?   "We are a Tour operator. On one hand our very well-equipped trucks are able to serve sparkling aperitif in the dunes before dinner, on the other hand we have very competitive prices for those who need tickets, documents, guides, travel insurance. We give also tips for individual trips, both for travellers and other adventure Tour Operators. Today you can choose between 4x4 to bikes journeys, but we also provide photography workshops and travel groups. We offer destinations everywhere and collaborate with the best adventure travel's brands, like Adventure4You!”   Follow us on and . ]]> Dalla Redazione Fri, 05 Dec 2014 16:52:00 +0100 <![CDATA[ Fiammetta La Guidara interviews Patrizia Bizzotto ]]> Fiammetta La Guidara, journalist of Italian Magazine 'InMoto', interviews Patrizia Bizzotto, CEO and Founder of Adventure4You, the first Website in Europe entirely dedicated to Adventure Travel.   With a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering, Patrizia Bizzotto heads up successfully one of the most famous web agencies in Italy, WorkUp, although her dream is still travelling in Africa only with her motorcycle.   A career dedicated to web communications and the passion for motorcycles gave her the idea of founding Adventure4You. Web Portal dedicated to adventure travel, it gives the chance to the organizers of these fantastic itineraries to be known on-line, and allows daydreamers to discover nature, countries and destinations far from any common knowledge.   It's a project that looks really further, like the beginning of something more ambitious; soon an international version of the web portal will be launched allowing all foreigners to discover our country: a different and fascinating Italy. ]]> Dalla Redazione Mon, 17 Nov 2014 16:16:00 +0100